๐Ÿช™Market Place

The Marketplace is where users can rent/lease or sell/buy their NFT Sneakers.

Trade System

User can buy and sell NFT Sneakers on the in-app Marketplace.

Rental System

It's sometimes hard for new users to participate due to the complexity of the onboarding process in Crypto-related games. This starts with creating an Exchange Account, converting fiat to Cryptocurrency and navigating Web 3.0 with a Decentralized Wallet. IMOV aims to breach this barrier by introducing a Rental System.

By offering a smart rent/lease system, getting started is as easy as downloading the app and renting a Sneaker, ensuring that new users will not be deterred from exploring the game.

To rent a Sneaker, you first access the app to see all the Sneakers available, then choose one Sneaker that suits your needs and wait for the leaser to pair with it before taking the step of agreeing fully to the leaser's rental terms. When the rental contract has been done, a Sneaker will be sent to the renter within 24 hours.

A Rental Agreement may last up to 7 days. If the renter does not follow the provisions of the Rental Agreement, his or her credit rating will be dropped by one star.

The Smart Contract will give the earnings according to the Rental Agreement whenever a renter finishes a session in Solo Mode. The earnings of both the renter and the leaser are set (TBD). Renters will receive 0.1 credit for each successfully completed Rental Agreement.

Credit System

Rentee must complete a series of โ€œacademicโ€ quizzes to achieve at least 2/5 rating points before hiring a sneaker. These procedures ensure that they are familiar with all the fundamentals of the application and avoid unwanted misunderstandings during use.

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